Hälsningar från Mama Faraji

Meddelande från Mama Faraji, ägare av barnhemmet Tuleeni

We are all fine, how are you and everything. I know you are very busy. Back to our side we have so many things to do this year.


1. We have got small land to build Tuleeni house in the village, it is little far from where we are now, we didnt get land near to Tuleeni because it is very expensive. So we are looking on how we will be able to get fund to build new house there.


2.This year we have the big number of children attending secondary schools, which will cost much more than last year,they have grown,so their needs also increase.


3.We have Akili day care for the little children of Tuleeni, we will need teachers and volunteers to care them during the daytime( of course the teachers will need salary).


4.The other costs  increase as everything is in high price,food,treatment,and workers are asking for new salaries although we dont have enough to give them as a normal governmemt salaries.


We are still paying house rent ,water and electricity bills as well as fire wood and all other needs.


For now we have very few volunteers. If you will have volunteers please ask/tell them to say where they will want to be/work, at the center,akili daycare,inthe village to the new land,or with the widows group. During the school holidays we will have all children at home, so if they will be here they will teach them according to their grade. we will have daycare, nursery, primary, secondary and colleges.