Kibosho Secondary School


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School name

Kibosho girls`secondary school

School location

Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, 8 km north of Moshi Town

School level

Secondary School

Number of students


Number of girls


Number of boys


Number of teachers


Number of streems


Basic subjects

English, Kiswahili, Civics (political education), Maths, Geography, History, Religion

Special subjects

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerse, Book Keeping, Computer, French

Electricity (Yes/No)


Distance to water

Installed in school

Number of computers


Internet (Yes/No)


Special equipment

Computer equipment, Labequipment for Biology, Chemistry, Physics

School founded year


Number of classrooms


School fees (one term)

190.000 TSH (190 $)

Active projects

Expansion of the dininghall for students

Construction of a computer room

Construction of a biology laboratory

School vision

Achieving excellence in academics and character training.

School motto

To know, to love, to act.

School mission

To provide quality physical facilities and manpower enabling excellent output.

Asking for....

Administrative and computer education:

Fax machine, encyclopedia (cd and sets of books), stationary computers for computer education, printer, scanner, projector.

Scientific equipment:

Biology models (eyes, ear, heart), burette, C.R.O. tube, Centrifuge, D.C. motors, density bottles, digital multimeter, dip net, disecting kits, dishes, gloves, dynamic trolley, fixed resistors, flask support, glass tubes, growth chamber, human model charts, human skeleton model, hydraulic press, laboratory computer, magnets, manometer, micrometer screw gauge, microscopes, motors and pestors, nicrone wire, pipette, pipette filters, plastic measuring cylinders, projectors, pulleys, pulse monitor, reagent bottles, refridgerator, slide mass balance dec- ogram, soldering wire, stop watches, telescope, testtube, thermometers, venier calipers, volumetric flask.

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Contact adress

Kibosho girls`secondary school, PO Box 625 Moshi, Tanzania

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